Saturday, February 27, 2010

No Songs Left Behind

By the time Jody and I rolled around to this "Great List" idea, we'd been friends for a few years. Music industry friends, to boot. That means that we've been suggesting music to each other over the past few years regularly. A lot of what we both think is "Great" in contemporary music is music we've been talking about before the Live Debate began.

So, to honor THOSE great songs, I just wanted to throw up a few. I haven't consulted Jody, but I suspect each song listed below would meet his standards for the List. It's been a few years for each, and I love them all still. What songs have you loved over the last two or three years?

The National - "Fake Empire" Jody and I love this guy's voice, and pretty much every inch of this dreamy, heartfelt song.

Bloc Party - "Signs" This song is just awesome. The saddest dance tune ever.

Bat For Lashes - "Siren Song" Can you tell how sentimental and sappy I am? I love music that tugs at the heartstrings, and believe me, this one really does.

Beirut - "In The Mausoleum" The songwriter/producer is the today's composer. In Beirut, I hear the music Bela Bartok would be making today. I love how amazing they sound, just in a living room, just jamming, just on a handheld camera... The ultimate in Do-It-Yourself, right? You have no idea how much I want to be at that piano in this video.

Radiohead - "Reckoner" How on earth do you pick just one great Radiohead song? As I was trying to, I started up "In Rainbows" and I'm almost at the end of the album now. I think Thom Yorke will be remembered as one of this generation's greatest composers.

Is that enough gushing for one day?


  1. All these songs are great. I love the Beirut Vid.

  2. Beirut, The National and RadioHead, totally agree!

  3. Totaly with you on so many of your picks Matthew!
    Mmm Beirut so yummy to the ears isn't it! OMG the watermelon in that video dropped my jaw!!! I don't know anyone else besides you and my brother who know about Beirut. I love them they always make me fall in love each time I hear them. I mean deeply head over heels fall off the earth in love. The horns are so warmly burnished, the strings passionate and the percussion heatbeats of life. Thanks for putting them on your list.
    Radiohead... man what can you say? I mean really...they have reinvented without altering who they are at their most inner most level. I love a group who bravely forges new sound and yet is always recognizable. Reckoner is absolutely amazing! I don't even care that I had to search the internet to discerne the words... it was worth it. I love how Thom abandons all care for the perfect lyrical voice and lets out this wail of someone who can't help but sing.
    In Rainbows is really my Favorite album from these guys... of course they are working on a new one and that will probably blow us all away!
    great list guys!!
    ~the EP seastar