Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Album Update and Adam Watts

Hi everyone! First of all, thank you so much for your feedback on "The Fisher King." We love the comments and the criticism. It's really helped me make some great changes to the song. Expect to hear a fresh, re-arranged, re-mixed version of the tune soon.

Album update: we have nearly half the album done. We have lots of tunes that we're planning on letting you hear as soon as possible. More on that later.

Mr. Anthony D'Amato's last visit was only five days in the middle of July, but in that time, he laid down vocals for four tunes: "Follow My Lead," "Catch Fire," "Going up," and "Three Strangers." I'm really excited about these songs. They are, respectively: a jazz tune, a band + chamber orchestra rock song, an electronica / orchestral dance song, and a ballad. I consider myself truly lucky to be a composer in this era of mutable, multi-genre music. Composers today can, with only a decent computer, make music with more authentic, electronic, and inventive sounds than ever before. Think of what Bach would have done with a mac pro! Probably would have melted my brain, is what.

In the meantime, we've entered the very early stages of an artistic collaboration with a very talented gentleman and longtime chum, Mr. Adam Watts. Adam is one of the geniuses at Travesty Games, an indie game development company just hitting the scene. As a game nerd, I'm thrilled for his new business and his debut appearance as a company at Gen Con Indy this year. As an artist, I'm thrilled to get a chance to work with him. He didn't just design the rules of two new games this year, Kill Ball and Psiduel, he's also the talent behind the gorgeous, funny, shadowy art design of both games.

He also has a degree in animation, just in case you were thinking someone needed a nomination for Renaissance Man of the Year. It's that talent we're hoping to capitalize on. The Live Debate debut music video anyone?

Hopefully our next post will give you something to listen to. We just have to decide what to release and when. Hope you all are well and happy!