Saturday, February 13, 2010

Additions to the Great List

Here are a few more songs from this week's Great List discussions:

A few of mine:
Astor Piazzolla - "Muerte Del Angel"
Tori Amos - "Muhammad, My Friend"
Sting - "The Lazarus Heart"
Aaron Copland - "Appalachian Spring"

A few of Jody's:
Black Crowes - "Cursed Diamond"
Led Zepplin - "Ramble On"
The Antlers - "Wake"
Milosh - "You Make Me Feel"

And a few others:
Jeff Beck / Tal Wilkensfeld - "Cause We Ended as Lovers" (submitted by my musicophile uncle, Mark)
Sufjan Stevens - "The BQE, Movement III: Linear Tableau with Intersecting Surprise (submitted by friend and colleage, James Mitchell)

So far, I love every song on the list. What do you think? Any examples of "greatness" here?



  1. Hey Guys!

    Here's one I just discovered this weekend, and I think it's a worthy addition to the list.

  2. I love that you added Cinema Paradiso to the list. This music is the official theme song of falling in love.

    This version is gorgeous too, by Pat Metheny and Charlie Haden.

  3. I've followed Bjork since she hit in America with the Sugarcubes (which have some gems of their own) Vespertine was one of her albums that struck a cord with me and Heirloom particularly wooed me.
    I've followed Tori Amos a long time as well and I have to say that I rather like Muhammad, but like this one a tiny bit better.
    something about the growling base along with the floaty electric piano and of course the open heart surgery of the lyrics.
    ~the sea star of e.p.

  4. I don't know about great, but I do definitely love it:

    David Bazan's "Cold Beer and Cigarettes"

  5. I have been stuck on this song for a while now.

  6. I woke up this morning with this song in my head. I think it is one of the greatest.

  7. Today I am listening to Arlo Guthrie. Thought you might like it.

  8. Wow. Just... wow. These are ALL worthy of the list. Thanks for posting! That version of "Sentimental Mood" is just awesome. What a tune!

  9. Matthew played "Touched" by Vast and i cant get enough of it.

    Crazy good stuff..

  10. "Touched" by vast is probably my alltime favorite.

    My musical taste is eclectic at best, but more than often just plain weird. I'm not sure if they are worthy of a "great" list, but I thought these were pretty damn cool.

    Dresden Dolls - "Dirty Business"
    Amanda Palmer is just awesome, and dating Neil Gaiman.

    Elsiane - "Hybrid"
    Her voice is just so different. The album is totally alien.