Friday, February 19, 2010

"Catch Fire" video 1

The first song we began our little adventure with is called “Catch Fire.” It’s a weird song. It starts off as stable, piano-driven rock. By the end, the song changes into something of a grand march, with horns blaring and cymbals crashing. The song is still a work-in-progress, and we’ll be posting videos and music clips as time goes on.

This clip is rated R for language. We beeped it, but you can totally tell.

The footage is all from the first week of January, when this project was just getting started. Hopefully the next time you hear the song, you’ll hear a longer passage of music and drums (maybe even vocals!). Let us know what you think!



  1. I think this is the first opportunity I've gotten to see you play :)
    I think it's comming along great. It's a new experience to see this part of the process and I'm hooked! I know you bleeped a part out but I couldn't understand what you said just before that... it sounded like this is our "pencil" that can't be right :) So what was it that was so "bleeep" ing wonderful? I can't wait to hear it all finished and more than that I can't wait to take all you're working on out onto the water with my kayak. Keep it up you guys are making some relly moving music!!
    ~the sea star of E.P.

  2. Im glad youre into it. The beep was to censore the foul language. "This is our pencil, watch this motherf*****" We want to keep it clean for our possible underage viewers. Its good to know the music will be appreciated out on the open water...

  3. Oh so you *did* say pencil :)
    Everytime I listen I imagine the notes dancing off the water as I paddle or take a moment to float quietly... can NOT wait to make that happen. Illinois has to defrost first.
    Thanks for the clarification Jody
    ~the sea star of E.P.

  4. Is it called 'catch fire' because of a certain book we both love? Just wondering. Oh, and I still have it to give back to you. Sorry...