Monday, February 8, 2010


Jody sent this interview to me a few weeks ago.

It's a great interview. It's mostly about "selling intimacy," which is an idea I'm very keen to. The last line, however really got me. It's where he writes:

"If it's great, let it go. You'll do fine. If it's not great, figure out what great is and do that."

So, we've decided to try and figure out what great is. We're working on this project every day together, and at the start of our days, each one of us has a song we play for the other. This song can be from any time, any country, or any musician(s). We offer each one up as an example of GREATNESS to the other, and analyze it, talk about it, and enjoy it.

We've been having a blast with it so far. I avoided rock music as a child for no discernible reason, so Jody's exposing me to Zepplin. Jody never went to school like the rest of us normal folk, so he's never heard any classical music at all. We're having so much damn fun with this project, though, we're gonna post the whole thing on the blog. Think you know a piece of music that will totally "wow" us? Post it! We love hearing and talking about great music.


  1. Nice, classic rock will do ya good.

  2. It *is* so hard to pick any one favorite of anything... I think it would be easier to find some common threads that tie my favorite things together. Almost everything that makes my heart do that fluttery little giggle has a touch of melancholy and a pinch of whimsy. There's enough dream to make me sigh but enough realism to make me nod my head in sympathy. If an artist's hands/heart show in the work... well that's when I really melt.
    I've been feeling nostalgic lately and listening to some of my old favorite songs from the very late 80's to early 90's. I never tire of the Church's Milkyway. I'm not sure it's everyone's great, but it never fails to make me sigh like a school girl in combat boots and false eyelashes :P

  3. Great addition! This song does a mood SO well, right? Something in those chords has that kinda melancholy wanderlust that makes you wanna just drift off...