Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Studio Seclusion

I took the week off teaching to focus on the album for a while and to get some much-needed work done. We have gotten into a pretty nice rhythm over here. He works, I listen; I work, he listens; and so on. As I type, Tony is combing through backups making sure all is tidy for final mixes.

When we both need a break we have a game of chess. Palate cleanser for the brain.

The main focus right now is backup vocals. Once those are in place, Tony and I take turns applying further tweaks to the overall mix. It's like building an onion one layer at a time.

"The Arc," "Follow My Lead," and "Chicago" are likely to be the next songs you hear. Stay tuned for the first week of January.

Happy New Year and Thanks for the love and support!

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