Sunday, September 5, 2010

Adam's Castle and "Vices"

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to write a quick post about some friends of mine in New York. They have a great label, Triple Down Records. There is some awesome talent behind the label, including one my favorite bands of 2008, The Forms. Everyone on the label is great though. Real musicians.

I really wanted to write about Adam's Castle though. Adam's Castle is the beloved flagship band of Triple Down, and they have a new album, Vices, coming out October 19th. What's awesome is, every week or leading up to the release, they'll be giving away a track or two, along with some original art to complement the tunes. It's an exciting, DIY kinda way to do a CD release; precisely the kind of thing Jody and I sit around every day and talk about doing. It makes the experience of finding and enjoying new music something of an interactive event. Very, very cool.

If you sign up early for their "Rollout Club," you get the tracks and art emailed to you, along with some other goodies. You can check it out and sign up here. I hope you do! Support your DIY, homegrown musicians! We are the free therapy of the universe.


  1. Cool idea, but probably better if these releases were just posted using twitter/tumblr/facebook/anything that allows more social momentum to build up. Using a subscription model hides the interaction that having a timed-release is good for.

  2. Thanks for the post
    @ rr
    We are also posting that way that you said, but for streaming only. The people that sign up, get a free download of the songs, as well as the high res art, and a discount code for a merch item of their choice come Oct 19th. Also, because they have signed up, they have a genuine interest in the music. This makes it so much easier for us to interact directly with real fans as opposed to posting something in the ether and hoping that everyone will come across it while wading through everything else (which we will do anyway). 200 real fans who feel a sense of belongin are much more powerful that 2000 people who just know your name.

  3. would be way better if they gave away a free coney dog with each album. I'll wait until then